Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight Fast, and Keep It Off!

Are you very overweight, maybe even obese? Are you sick and tired of the “fat” jokes, and the strange looks that people give you. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they’d seen an alien or a ghost. But it’s only good old you. It know it’s embarrassing, but if you want it to stop you need to address your weight issue starting today. This article has some great weight loss tips that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off…so keep reading.

Build muscle to burn fat and lose weight fast.

Any fitness plan for weight loss should definitely include strength training. Strength training will help burn more calories while you’re exercising, as well as build muscle. Having a higher proportion of muscle or lean tissue on those bones of yours will increase your metabolism since muscle burns more calories at rest than fat cells do. If seen estimates in the range of 6-10 calories per hour per pound of muscle versus 2-4 calories per hour per pound of fat (learn more here). Although not a significant amount, every little bit helps. Besides, when you build muscle you look better.

Don’t just sit there, to lose weight workout while watching TV.

A great way to lose weight is by purchasing a few instructional fitness DVD’s. When it comes to fitness DVD’s, the variety and intensity is endless. You can go with dance fitness programs, or even ones that are low intensity and only focus on stretching or balance. You’ll also be able to workout from the comfort of your own home, in front of you TV. Sitcoms can make you fat…pop in a workout DVD instead, if only for a few minutes every day.

To lose weight limit temptation buy purchasing healthier alternatives.

Lose Weight - "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips." - UnknownEveryone gives in to temptation every once in awhile when trying to lose weight, and that’s ok. You only live once, so an occasional treat is just part of living an abundant life; however, you want to be careful about making food any kind of a “reward,” or a way to “comfort” emotional stress that you may be experiencing. Eat to live, don’t live to eat!

One way to limit the amount of damage you can do when you’re trying to lose weight and you “cheat” is to limit the number of high calorie temptations you bring home with you from the grocery store. Fill your fridge and pantry with healthier alternatives instead. Substitute whole grain crackers for chips, healthy brands of yogurt or fat free pudding for ice cream, and even flavored water for soda. By doing so you can easily pass on hundreds of calories daily.

Practice portion control to lose weight.

It will be easier for you to lose weight and achieve your weight loss goals if you make it a rule to never eat anything right out of the package it comes in. Divide snacks into healthy portions when you buy them. Repackage them into sandwich bags or plastic containers. This will encourage you to stay in control and to only eat healthy portions at any given time.

When you are trying to cut calories, don’t be afraid to leave at little something for the garage disposal, or a leftover container…you can finish it tomorrow.

Then too, if you’re anything like me, when you were growing up your mother and father always told you about those little kids in Africa who went to bed hungry that night; and, then they told you to finish everything on your plate. While it’s absolutely true, and a sad reality of life, that millions of people go to bed hungry every night, this childhood practice of cleaning the dinner plate has led to an adult habit that has resulted in unhealthy weight gain for millions.

Also, taking a doggy bag home from a restaurant with leftovers is quite acceptable. If you are unsure of what makes up a portion, consider purchasing a small kitchen scale for the purpose of measuring portions. Or, use this as a rule of thumb: a serving of carbs should be the size of your fist; protein the size of your palm; fats the size of your thumb; and, fruits and veggies by the handfuls (learn more here). When in doubt, eat slowly savoring every bite, and when you feel full stop eating.

Treat yourself even though you’re trying to lose weight.

Even if you’re trying to lose weight, treat yourself to a small portion of your favorite dessert several times a week, but only after you have eaten a healthy meal. When you just eat a morsel, you will not feel like you have to sacrifice your dessert. You will have a better attitude toward sticking to your diet, knowing that you can still enjoy your favorite treat.

Invest in a heart rate monitor when you’re working out to lose weight.

A good way to help you lose weight is to invest in a heart rate monitor. The effectiveness of the cardio you do depends on your heart rate. With a heart rate monitor, you can insure that your heart rate is in the best zone for your goals given your current health. Ask your doctor for his/her recommendation for your target heart rate, or read this article for more information.

Good fat is your friend when you need to lose weight.

Not all fats are created equal, some are good and some bad. Make sure you eat foods that contain healthy fats. Foods like nuts and seeds, olives, avocados, and several different types of fatty fish contain healthy fats that will make you fill full longer. They will also help you fend off hunger and cravings. Other healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil, and flax seed oil. As is the case with any healthy food, just make sure you practice moderation. For more information on good fats, watch the video below.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals to lose weight.

A great tip to live healthier and lose weight is to consume five or six small meals a day instead of the typical three meals. Studies have shown that eating smaller meals more often throughout the day will help you stay at your ideal weight because it boosts your metabolism and prevents you from overeating.

In conclusion, you cannot tolerate the laughter and dirty looks you have to deal with any longer. Even if they are not directed at you, you still feel as though they are. The tips noted above to help you lose weight fast and keep it off will help you get started on the path to becoming a more attractive looking and healthier individual. Do not hesitate and get started today!

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Build Muscle And Shed Fat With These Fantastic Tips

Once you’ve made the decision to starting packing on some lean tissue and building muscle, the right information on how to do so can really come in handy. The following tips will provide you with some very useful information about some proper muscle building techniques you can use to get to work on your new and improved body right away. You CAN build muscle and get the body that you truly desire! For starters, take a few minutes to read this article, then actually apply (no action = no results!) these tips in your daily muscle building and nutritional routines.

Eat your veggies to build muscle!

Vegetables are an essential addition to a nutritious diet. Proteins, complex carbs and vegetables are all important for building muscle; however, vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals, two things that are absent in high concentrations in protein and carbohydrate-rich processed foods. Veggies are also a good source of fiber, which can be beneficial for blood sugar control, weight loss and weight management, heart health, skin health, and much more. And, it keeps things flowing, if you know what I mean.

Focus on form over speed when muscle building.

When performing your muscle building exercises, form is most important. Do not get caught up in the trap of sacrificing the correct form because you’re trying to go faster. Form and technique are extremely critical when you’re goal is to build muscle, and it is always better to go slow and focus on form, rather than it is to just zip through a workout. Be patient, stay focused and complete each rep correctly, including the negative portion of each exercise.

Build Muscle - "Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." - Carol WelchWork with, not against, your genetic make up to build muscle.

Your genetic make up is one of the most important factors that impact your ability to build muscle mass. And, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to change the DNA that shapes your body. However, anybody can improve the way they look by improving their muscle tone. Some of us just weren’t blessed with bodies that will build large muscles. But, hey…good things come in small packages, so accept your genetics and strive to build the best body YOU can build. Lean and ripped is also sexy and attractive!

Extreme cardio can affect muscle growth.

Do not engage in “extreme” cardio training when your focus is weight training to build muscle (have you ever seen a “buff” marathoner?). Now, to be clear, I’m talking about extreme cardio, not all cardio. Cardio is important for good health and when done in moderation it definitely helps with muscle growth. So, when done within reason, this combo of cardio and muscle building can be truly beneficial for your health. When done in extreme fashions the two can contradict one another thereby minimizing the results that you’ll see from either one of them. If your goal is to build muscle, focus on weight training and stay committed to working on it regularly. (Check out the video below for more information.)

Include the “big three” in your muscle building workout routine.

Make the “big three” a part of your workout routine. These three exercises include: the deadlift, squat and bench press. These particular exercises are known to help build bulk, strength and condition your muscles each time they are done and should be included in your routine for maximum muscle building success.

Track your muscle building progress.

Tracking your progress is important to maintaining your motivation when trying to build muscle. It can be hard to determine the progress you’re making if you do not take the time to track your muscle-building journey. This can easily be done using a measuring tape and a notebook. Write down your starting measurements and then track your measurements on a consistent basis. This could be weekly or monthly depending on your workout routine, whichever works best for you.

Eat plenty of protein to build muscle.

Eat plenty of protein when you are on a muscle-building regimen. Be sure to eat complete proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids with every meal. Many believe that a good rule to follow is to ingest one gram of protein for each pound of body weight. Good sources of low-fat protein include fish, egg whites, low-fat milk and lean meat.

To build muscle take time to rest.

Keep in mind that muscles don’t grow while you’re working out; they grow during the resting period when you feel sore. For this reason, it’s most efficient to alternate workout days to give your muscles time to rest and grow. Working out with heavy weight every single day without alternating muscle groups will just wear your muscles down.

Start slow and be safe when you begin to build muscle.

If you are completely new to muscle building, then you will want to start slowly. It is generally better for new people to start out with machines instead of free weights. This type of machine is great for practicing your form and ensuring that you don’t injure yourself during your workout.

If you are looking at muscle building seriously, you will need the sort of advice and information that is accurate and helpful. Follow these tips, and the resources below, and you will efficiently and quickly build muscle mass. It is important that you stick to your plan, and do not get discouraged!

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